Maddie's time at nursery

`$casestudy.title`I instantly loved the community feel to St Luke's when I went to view it as a possible nursery for my youngest daughter, Madeline. The staff were warm and inviting and I was impressed by the wide variety of activities on offer. Madeline has always been a very clingy little girl and took a while to settle, which was very upsetting for me too. I was also anxious as Madeline has a severe nut allergy. However, the staff were very reassuring and I was encouraged to ring and check how Madeline was getting on. The staff worked closely with Madeline, providing, and expanding on, the activities that she particularly enjoyed. I have been impressed with how well Madeline's personal needs and development have been catered for. She views members of staff not just as 'cheachers' as she calls them, but friends and genuinely loves them. I have been very touched to see Madeline being comforted with a cuddle, or sitting on someone's knee engaged in an activity. Madeline has also formed strong bonds with other children and made some lovely friends with whom she will hopefully go to school with in September. I have loved attending Madeline's parents evening, and the Open Days. I am often in a mad dash in the morning when dropping Madeline off, and it has been lovely to see the sorts of activities that she gets to take part in, and find out how she is getting on. I feel able to chat to the staff, and to ring or email with queries, or for advice. From the feedback I receive I know that they know Madeline very well! I will be very sad when Madeline leaves nursery in readiness for starting school in September, but happy in the knowledge that she will continue to attend St Luke's breakfast and after-school club. Lucy

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