Keira has fun at St Luke's


Keira started at St Luke's Pre-School in January 2012.  She had not wanted to go to pre-school as she had realised I would still be at home with her sister Ellie.  From the beginning all the staff were welcoming and even suggested we watch the Christmas concert to see what they did.  We were all impreseed.

With a very friendly and caring staff team Keira settled in well.  The team have been great at being interested in the whole family especially making time to get to know Ellie, Keira's younger syster who will come to St Luke's soon.  The staff were very good at letting use know who Keira had been playing with and who she was becoming friends with.

After the summer break Keira was a bit apprehensive about attenidng as many of her friends had gone up to school.  However, she has resettled well and is making lots of new friends, telling use frequently how much she loves it and has fun.

We are very happy with the way the staff team have responded to our feedback.  We feel we can talk to any of them about Keira as they all know her well.  Keira gives us limited information about what she does at pre-school telling us she 'had fun' but its a 'secret'.  The team have listened and improved communication through a variety of methods, the home/nursery communication books are fab.  Also knowing about conversation topics/books is great to link to Keira's conversations at home.  We are very happy with all aspects of pre-school/nursery but in particular the team feel has really helped Keira feel welcome and settled to have fun and play as she learns.

Many thanks,

Angela and Paul Manning

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