Our visit to the Open Day


On Saturday my husband and I attended the Open Day with our daughter.  She has been attending St Luke's since October 2011 and is used to the activities on offer.  Like most parents we do hear a limited amount from our daughter about what takes place on a daily basis, but (as I am sure you are aware) three-year-olds are not reliable witnesses, regardless of their ability to chat 15 to the dozen and frightening good vocabulary.  We would encourage other parents and carers to take up the opportunity to attend an Open Day of this nature since we felt being able to walk in and experience her environment had a number of positive benefits including:

  • the obvious pleasure she received from leading us around and showing us all her favorite places,
  • an invaluable insight into how she interacted with the stimulation on offer,
  • seeing firsthand how she reacted and interacted with various staff members (and likewise how they interacted with her), and
  • having the time to read the long term planning strategy for the nursery that is displayed internally.

Mum of a 3 1/2 year old.

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