The Rawlinson Family


Our youngest daughter Imogen started attending St Luke's when she was 2 and now, as we approach her final few months at nursery before she starts school, we are delighted to have the opportunity to rave about the nursery and the staff who make it such a great place!

As Imogen has Prader-Willi Syndrome we knew we needed nursery provision which would welcome our child and all the additional support she would need, rather than see our situation as problematic or inconvenient.  After a tour of several places, we were impressed by the great balance that St Luke's offered - a warm, friendly and homely environment that focuses on the development of every child in a fun and relaxed way.  From the outset they have maintained an extremely positive and inclusive approach to the needs of our child - an approach that they apply to all the children who attend.  It's really nice to be part of a nursery that feels like a caring nursery - not a business!

The commitment of the staff to their ongoing professional development benefits all the children who attend and means that they are always looking to review and enhance the services they deliver to ensure a stimulating learning environment.  Our child loves nursery and we have constantly been delighted with the progress she has made in socialisation, learning and confidence.  The physical space is great as it offers variety, is very accessible for a range of abilities and feels like it is very much at the heart of the community.

As we don't have immediate family in the local area, our child has undoubtedly benefited from the extended family feel of St Luke's.  Imogen attends the breakfast, after school and holiday clubs in various combinations and has met a wide range of children of all ages and abilities.  Liaison with parents is excellent, either in person or by email, and staff have always done their best to accommodate additional sessions outside of regular hours when they can.  We love the place so much that even though our child may not be going to the local school, which links to the after-school club, we're still planning to come back for the holiday club!

The Rawlinson Family

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