Tailored Care


St Lukes Nursery team is fantastic. Each team member is highly trained and very approachable -which for a parent- is a priority when choosing a nursery provider. St Lukes really do take 'individual child care' to the highest level, ensuring they tailor their care to each child's needs - making the child feel safe, secure and special.


I have five very different children. We moved into the area just prior to the eldest starting school - so I was used to a private nursery chain. When it came to the second child, I wanted to stay within the local community and be close to the Hallam school, so I visited St Lukes. I had received positive feedback from other parents and was told the nursery also had good links with the school. After my initial visit I knew I didn't need to visit anywhere else. From the first contact I was impressed with the family orientated approach and the welcoming environment.


Since then, I have had two more children start at St Lukes. With each child, they tailored their care to suit that child- they coaxed and were patient with my daughter --who was reluctant to leave me and are jovial and energetic with my younger son- who is very confident and mischievous! 


Recently I approached them about my eldest son and my thoughts about deferring his entry into primary school. I cannot express my gratitude for the support, knowledge of the system and willingness to aid me in the  application. Their assessments gave me extra key reasons to support my argument- somethings that I myself, had forgotten or overlooked. The relationship I have with all of the team members is invaluable-l know I can approach them about anything and I have confidence that they would do their best to support our family.


 Katie Gullett 

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