Joe settled in very quickly


Joseph started at St. Lukes nursery just after his second birthday. He had attended another local nursery since the age of one which he seemed to enjoy so we were apprehensive about the move. Our worries were soon put to rest. Even though Joe was the youngest he settled in very quickly, the tearful goodbyes only lasted for a couple of mornings.

There were 3 main reasons for moving Joe to St Lukes:

  • The nursery has close links with the local primary school, so Joseph has already met some of his classmates and will continue to do so over the next two years.
  • Money is invested back in to the nursery; new equipment seems to be bought for the children more regularly than other nurseries that we visited.
  • The nursery charges by the hour and you can have a term time-only contract, which suited us best as I am a teacher.

Joe seems to really like the staff and other children at St Lukes. It’s great that he mixes with children of different ages. We were impressed at how quickly the staff really got to know Joe and recognised his strengths and areas for development. When we collect him it is obvious that he has had a great day he seems happy and tired. There is so much to entertain Joseph that he just doesn’t stop from the moment we drop him off.

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