Sickness exclusion policy

If your child is ill it is important that you contact the nursery management before your child attends to discuss whether or not your child should be excluded.

To cover the most common problems children suffer with:

Diarrhoea and/or vomiting Should not attend nursery for 48 hours from the last episode
Colds and Flu Should not attend until recovered enough to participate fully in nursery activities.

Obviously there are many childhood illnesses each with different exclusion periods so it is important that parents talk to their doctor and the nursery management team.

Even if there is no necessary exclusion period it is at the management’s discretion whether or not to allow a child into nursery.  A child needs to be able to take part in the activities of the nursery and management will need to consider each individual case.  They must also consider whether allowing a sick child in nursery would affect the staff to child ratios, as children who are unwell may require continuous one to one attention. 

If a child has an infectious illness we request parent(s) to contact the nursery as soon as possible so we can notify all parents as well as the Health Protection Agency and Ofsted if it is a notifiable disease.

This policy is to be reviewed annually.