Our nursery

Our nurseryAll nursery activities take place in the church centre and the adjoining garden, creating a rich and varied environment which supports the children's learning and development. Children have an opportunity to play with ideas in different situations and with a variety of resources, gaining the confidence to make new connections and discover new ways of doing things.

St Luke’s operates on a continuous provision basis, which means that children have access to all the equipment all of the time. We set out the room with various areas: home corner, construction, mark making, music, messy play, creative, book corner, numeracy, small world and IT. Children are encouraged to use all the areas and even interchange areas, e.g. using a book from the book corner to read to the baby doll they are putting to bed in the home corner.

Our nurseryEvery child is unique and develops at a different rate and in individual ways. The staff at St Luke’s are highly-experienced and knowledgeable, and as such recognise that a warm and trusting relationship with the children will help them to learn more effectively than any amount of resources. As well as being educators, their role is to encourage the children’s social, emotional and mental development and protect their physical and psychological well-being.

Your child will have an enriching, challenging and fun time at St Luke’s Nursery, and you can rest assured that they will be respected and cared for at all times, and their feelings (and yours) always taken into consideration.