Nursery Lunch Time - 12 noon from 2 November

28th September 2015

Nursery Lunch Time will be 12 noon from Monday 2 November Due to various issues we have decided nursery lunch will start at 12 noon each day. We have been struggling with use of the kitchen as other building users are still around at 11 am when we start preparing food. Also children who finish nursery at 12 noon are being rushed to finish their meal by 12pm instead of enjoying the social aspect of a mealtime with their friends. Therefore, children who normally leave at 12 noon will no longer need to bring lunch or a snack. Can I also take this opportunity to remind parents that we work to strict adult:child ratios and therefore it is important that children are not brought to nursery earlier than their contracted time and also collected on time (unless by prior agreement). We have to be particularly strict about this especially at 9.00am: when staff are arriving back from Hallam School, lunchtime: when staff take their own lunch break and 3.00 pm: when staff go to collect children from Hallam School. We would very much welcome your support in this matter as our failure to comply with ratios can have serious consequences for the nursery. If you would like to discuss this please feel free to speak to Rachel or Sadie.

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