Father Christmas sends an Elf to nursery

1st December 2016

The letter below was received by the nursery today.

Dear St Luke's Nursery

Just to let you know I will be sending one of my Elves to St Luke’s Nursery. He will arrive on Thursday 1 December. He is there to watch the children and see how good they are and each night he will use his magic door and fly to the north pole to tell me if the children are being naughty or nice. Please tell the children they must not touch him, ever, or he will lose his magic and not be able to fly back to the north pole. I know the teachers have to clean so I am sending some of my special gloves. If they wear them they can move the elf without him losing his magic that he needs to fly back to the north pole. One more thing, his name is Bubbles.

Love from Father Christmas xxxxx


We will be posting photos throughout December of what the Elf gets up to. If your child does not attend one day may be you could log onto the website or facebook to see what the elf has been up to.

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