Listening to Children policy

At St Luke’s we understand and respect the views of children and their right to make a positive contribution to their nursery.  Under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 12 states that children who are capable of forming their own views have the right to express those views freely in matters affecting them.  As nursery practitioners it is our role to encourage children to express their view by providing different methods for them to do so given their young age.  We do this in different ways:

  • By observing children at play
  • By offering choices and noting children’s selections
  • Asking children to record what they like and dislike on camera
  • Talking in groups together
  • Using one to one conversations
  • Using simple child friendly questionnaires.

The views of the children are then used to improve the service, plan activities and decide on new equipment.

This policy is to be reviewed annually.