Learning & Development

Key Person

Learning & DevelopmentShortly after your child has started nursery he/she will be assigned a key person whose responsibility it is to monitor and record your child’s development against the Early Years Foundation Stage. The key person will note down observations of your child at play (which we ask you to do at home as well) which are kept in their own file. These observations are then used to plan individual activities for your child.

We hold parents’ evenings at the end of each term to discuss your child’s development and time at nursery but we do encourage parents to talk to us on a regular informal basis when you bring or collect your child to or from nursery.
As your child progresses to school their file will be discussed with their new school and passed to them. You are welcome to view this file at any time. It will also be sent home occasionally for you to contribute to or use to enhance their home learning.

Continuous Provision

At St Luke’s we operate on a continuous provision basis. This is a term which describes the core everyday resources that should always be available to children in early years settings. It is the good practice of having a constant, ready supply of essential equipment and materials on offer, from which children can make choices and direct their own play. The advantage of “continuous provision” as an approach is that it offers children the optimum playful environment in which they can:

  • Be active, confident participants
  • Make choices to create their own learning context
  • Make choices based on their own experiences

Our partnership with parents

We don’t believe that your child’s education starts when you take them to nursery and finishes when you collect them. Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators, and when nursery and parents work together it can have a really positive impact on your children’s development and learning. Please don’t hesitate to come to us with any problems you are having, whether to do with your child, family relationships or concerns about your child at nursery:  knowing about these things can help us to help you and also to understand and support your child better.

We welcome parents into the nursery to talk to the children about their hobbies, skills or vocation and we value this contribution.