Equality and diversity policy

The Management and Staff of St.Luke’s Pre-School Nursery are committed to providing equality of opportunity and committed to anti-discriminatory practice for its staff, children and parents as required by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000).

  • We welcome all children and families.
  • The Nursery promotes equality of opportunity and recognises the value of diversity, and seeks to provide a positive, caring and open environment in which children can learn without fear of prejudice and discrimination, and in which all staff, children and families feel accepted, valued and respected, regardless of sex, colour, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other reason which cannot be demonstrated as justifiable.
  • We also recognise that all children are different, and so we will work hard to identify how best to support children and their families.
  • We will provide a safe and secure Nursery in which children can learn and develop knowing that their contributions will be valued.
  • We will ensure that all families have the opportunity to contribute to St.Luke’s understanding of diversity and equality, helping us to improve our knowledge of anti-discriminatory practices.
  • We will ensure that inclusion is central to all activities at St Luke’s Pre-school Nursery.
  • Discriminatory language, behaviour or comment by children, parents or any other adults are unacceptable in the nursery. We will take appropriate action against those responsible and affirm that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Monitoring and Review

Responsibility for effective implementation of this policy lies with the Management of St. Luke’s Pre-school Nursery, which is also responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the policy and identifying, and resolving any gaps in coverage.  This policy will be reviewed annually.