Daily Routine

Snacks and drinks

Daily routineChildren bring their own water bottles to access throughout the day (we have spare cups for those who forget). Milk is also offered to the children. During the morning session, milk, water and fruit are available for the children at all times.

In the afternoon, children have a formal snack time. The week’s snacks are always displayed on the parents’ notice board. The choice varies but includes fresh fruit and vegetables, jelly, yoghurt, or food the children prepared earlier eg. baked bread, savoury biscuits etc.


They are easily accessible for those children who are confident enough to take themselves. For children not quite ready to go alone, staff members are able to accompany them and encourage them to gain that confidence.


  • Your child is welcomed at the door by a member of staff.
  • Very soon your child will be able to hang their coat up and register him/herself as attending by putting his/her named apple on the tree.
  • If your child is staying for lunch, they will be shown where to put their lunchbox.
  • There is always the opportunity for you to discuss with your child’s key person anything regarding your child’s care, if only to say they were really good last night and helped mum to do the washing up.

Morning Session

Your child has free play, making their own decisions about where, what and who they play with. During this time they can play outside in the garden, come rain, shine or even snow! They have a drawer with their name on it so that they can look after anything they make until going home time.

Group time

Just before lunch your child takes part in a group session. We have a lot of fun in these sessions, during which the children listen to a story, sing, dance, share news or take part in group games.


Everyone, including the staff,  enjoys lunch together discussing the contents of each others’ lunchboxes, or whatever subject the children want to talk about. Staff are always on hand to help with tight lids or reluctant yoghurts.

Afternoon Session

This follows the same format as the morning with free play indoors and out.

Late afternoon

At 3.45, children from the local primary school join the pre-school children. All the children enjoy this time: the younger ones love being helped by the older children and it means that they can spend time with older brothers and sisters from school.

Other events

The children love getting ready for special events! We have summer and Christmas concerts which parents can come and watch; we celebrate various festivals and get involved with a variety of events, e.g. Children In Need. We also arrange nursery outings and have an annual Saturday Open Day for children to show their parents around their nursery and for new children and parents to come and look around.