About Us

St Luke’s Nursery began as a playgroup and evolved into a full-time nursery, becoming a limited company and charity in 2003.

About usThe nursery is run with a Christian ethos. Christians believe that every child is unique and precious to God. This means that all children should be loved and treated with respect, and encouraged to care for each other. At St Luke's we try to foster an enquiring mind in the children in all areas. From a Christian perspective, this is through sharing the stories of Jesus and the Bible, and using activities to re-tell the story, consolidating the learning. We regularly visit the main Church, and visitors from Church visit nursery to tell Bible stories in fun ways. We pray a simple Grace before meals, and staff are available to pray with children or parents if needed. At special times like Christmas and Easter, we try to explain to the children the Christian story behind these events.

The nursery is a non-profit charity, which means that the needs of the nursery itself come first at all times. Any profit we do make is reinvested into new equipment that the children can enjoy and benefit from.

We have attracted highly-qualified nursery workers with a wealth of experience. We frequently have students on work placements, but they are always guided and supported by our knowledgeable staff. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all.

About usThe nursery is committed to serving the local community, and responding to its needs: a few years ago many parents in the area expressed a need for before- and after-school childcare, and as a result we set up our Breakfast Club and After School Club in 2004. Although St Luke’s Pre-School Nursery is based in the church centre it is run independently but under the ultimate authority of the church.  We value the diversity of individuals and communities and respect other beliefs and faiths and acknowledge important festivals of the main faiths in the UK.

At St Luke’s we aim to give each child a voice, welcoming the children’s participation in many aspects of the running of the nursery and valuing their contributions to the decision making process.